August 22, 2017

Simple Handheld Game Machine

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Handheld Game Machine DIY Electronic Kit

1. Music: comes with the beautiful sound buzzer, has the game background sound, has the game movement sound.

2. Gold: Golden PCB more gorgeous, show luxury classic, as a gift is also very good!

3. Square: square floor, button position design, according to the operating habits.

4. points: the top right of the digital tube real-time scoring, compared to 1, you can get points.

5. circuit: the circuit omits many components by calculation, the circuit is more concise, easier to weld, and more comfortable to see.

6. welding: many welding points are optimized, the big welding pad is easier to weld, and the miniUSB port is treated specially.

7. material selection: are the use of high-quality electronic components, plug-in components are to ensure that welding is convenient, to ensure lasting work.

8. Games: the current design has 4 games, Tetris, planes, snakes, racing cars, are classic games.

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