December 14, 2019

Mini lathe, milling, drilling, sawing and sanding machine (+video review)

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6 in 1 Mini Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Wood Turning, Jigsaw and Sanding Machine

  • Mini 6 in 1 lathe machine for DIY assembly of sawing machine, grinder, driller, wood lathe, metal lathe, miller.
  • Great handcraft tool kit for DIY, hobby, model making, crafts, students, small parts processing, etc. 
  • Made of advanced aluminum alloy, durable and non-deformable for usage.
  • Interesting to install and use, perfect gift for lathe DIY enthusiasts.
  • This mini multipurpose machine can be assembled into 6 kinds of different lathes, but you can use only one kind of these lathes at the same time. 
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