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June 25, 2017

F is for Funday #9

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AT89C2051 Six digital clock kit

DIY kit Digital clock, C51 microcontroller, LED, digital temperature

DIY kit Digital clock

DIY LED dot matrix clock, 51 MCU, with temperature

DIY Kit DS3231 Adjustable Large size With Acrylic Case

DIY Kit DS3231 Multi-function LED Digital Clock with Thermometer


HIFI Enthusiast Tone plate NE5532

DIY kit Mini music coil plasma speaker

Four channel MOSFET high fidelity TDA7850 amplifier board 4 x 50w

PT2399 Digital microphone amplifier board – Karaoke plate (reverb)

Music spectrum display box DIY audio Kit

DIY Touch Big Size (225 Segment LED) Digital Equalizer Music Spectrum Sound Waves

TDA7377 Single power computer super bass 2.1 power amplifier board, 3 channel

DIY KS16 Fantasy column light cube (LED music spectrum)


Solar power 3.7V lithium battery charging board

DIY Kit Educational Solar Power 

2.7V 5F super capacitance (3pcs)


D2-2 Intelligent tracking car (C51 MCU)

51 SCM intelligent car kit D2-3 – Intelligent tracking, IR obstacle avoidance

D2-4 DIY kit Intelligent tracking, ultrasonic ranging

D2-5 Intelligent tracking car kit, line patrol

D2-6 DIY Bluetooth Car Kit – Bluetooth remote control, gravity sensor, obstacle avoidance tracking, 51 single chip

Tracking obstacle avoidance kit, remote control, ultrasonic ranging, speed governing

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